Chapter 9: Arrival


18th January

Back, right side with Black vinyl stitched down

Back, wrong side

20th January

Finished back, right side

Close-up 1

Close-up 2

Close-up 3

Back wrong side



24th January

Front – wrong side with map pieces added

Front – right side with gondolas added

Numbered from the top, I have added some stitching to 5 & 6, but I feel that 4 needs some as well as it is a shiny rayon fabric – the same as the right hand shape on the back – and your eye goes straight to it.  It may be that stitching on the map shapes will do, but if not, what colour would be best?

Photocopy with suggested stitching:

Red vermicelli in the Red/Blue cotton

Yellow vermicelli in the plain Lemon, Brown vermicelli in the variegated shade, just round the edge of the map/the gondola/both/or neither

Due to the appalling light (and I waited until this morning to take the photos) you can’t see the straight stitching inside the green and large blue shapes.  I intended to use the Green/Blue variegated, but could use a green or blue ombre respectively instead.

Braid for edging.

There is indeed a vermicelli machine stitch.  I don’t want to make the braid any wider, so I think the top one would work as it is.

28th January

Finished Cushion front – right side

I think this is as good as I can get it, I like it, but I still prefer the back!

Wrong side


Right side Close-up 1

Close-up 2

Close-up 3

Close-up 4

Finished braid


Despite having been serviced before I started on the cushion, for some reason best known to itself, the Bernina would not sew 100% evenly on the curved bits, as you can see.  Hopefully, this should not detract from the overall look.

30th January

Braid added

Finished cushion front

Close-up front




I can’t say I am thrilled with the cushion now it is finished.  I quite like it, but what I had in mind was something more sumptuous and thrilling.  The back is more what I had in mind, but does not go with the curtains.

Back before making up.

I also found making up the cushion less easy than I hoped.  Possibly someone with better dressmaking skills might have been tidier than I am.

However, I think of using a similar design to the back for a panel for the branch exhibition in October.


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