Module 6: Going Places


Chapter 1: Starting Out


Places to go:

I came to the conclusion that notwithstanding chronic ill health, I have actually been to the majority of the places I want to go, apart from Scotland and Ireland.  I’ve been to the USA twice, including Hawaii (my cousin lives there half the year), France, Belgium, Italy, Madeira, Malta and Russia!  I’m going to Holland in the autumn, and went to Switzerland as a teenager with the Guides – Lucky Me!  So I have a lot of photos to choose from, which became very difficult and rather idiosyncratic, with decided themes.


Very useful ticket

You used to be able to get into Kew Gardens with the NBGW card (no longer alas) and we saw the Dale Chihuly glass exhibits.  This sent us to Bond Street, (where the Halcyon Gallery let Roger lie on the floor to take photos).

Photo from Chihuly book

The Ffabulous Ffion’s current Museum of Choice.  Exhibitions have included The Spider’s Silk – enlivened by the kitten setting off the burglar alarm at home.  Alexander McQueen (a bit scary for her but the rest of us liked it), 60’s Pop, Balenciaga (a hit all round) and a promise of Frida Kahlo later in the year.

Chihuly has a piece in the Foyer at the V&A; and No.2 Daughter, who lives in Cowes, IOW, found some in a hotel in Dubai.

I regularly visit the Medieval Gallery and the sculptures, with or without Ffion.


Michaelangelo’s David

Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery, Bond Street.

Similar piece (not Chihuly) on Murano Island, Venice, where Chihuly went to learn about the way the Murano glassworkers use colour.



People to see

Family, some will come with us

Grandad went flying and the rest of us watched.


One is twinned with Deauville, and moaned because we booked the gite for Cowes Week, when she is course-setting.

V&A Galleries again

The 11th Hour memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum

The Acanthus Green Man Mask from Bamberg Cathedral is one of the most spectacular.

One of many Misericords in Ripon Cathedral (sang there with the OU and the Church Choir.)


Up the stairs

La Scala Contarini del Bovolo (Snail Staircase), Venice

Double staircase, Blois, Loire Valley, France.

Gite at Meursac in the Saintonge C16 and very worn.

Gite at Louroux-Bottereaux in Les Mauges,

Family’s bicycles (and Family) at a bar in La Suisse Normande.

A different kind of staircase: Foxton Flight

Not likely!  Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.  (We took the lift).


Through the Door

Chapel of the Holy Blood, Bruges

Mandroga Island, Russia

Garden Open, Curry Rivel, Somerset


Boutique, Talmont-sur-Gironde, Bordeaux

Bar, Bruges

Lynmouth Harbour

Cider Mill shop, Normandy



     Wrought Iron Gates

Tijou Screen, Hampton Court.


One of the pubs near my Grandmother’s house in Stafford is called ‘The Gate’, the sign used to be a half-size 5-bar gate hanging over the car park, and painted on it was the following rhyme:

This Gate hangs well

Hinders none.

Refresh, and pay,

And travel on.


Along the Path

Dom is not pleased that Ryan beat him out.

Down the Garden

A Levada on Pico d’Areira, Madeira.  These irrigation channels are used as hiking paths.

Path on Kizkhi Island

A path on Kizhi Island, Russia.

Path on Ribiero Frio, Madeira



Double-walled Garden, National Botanic Garden of Wales

Mouth of Truth, Arsenale district, Castello Sestriere, Venice.

Lock wall, Grand Union Canal, Hertfordshire

Chateau d’Angers, France

Fishtail crenellations  on the Arsenale walls (and the Moscow Kremlin – built by Italians).



Caernarvon Station

Believed to be the earliest Labyrinth design on the planet – very similar to one on Malta

Hampton Court Maze.

Spoilt forever for me, aged 10, by my father, who insisted on studying the map in the portico to see if it was correct, and then trying it out.  It was correct.


Some of the Labyrinths designed for London Underground stations.

Painswick Rococco Villa 1

Painswick Rococco Garden Maze

Jardin de Villandry, Loire Valley

Pattern Garden, Jardim Botanico, Funchal, Madeiro.


Places using Transport

Gondolas seen from the Rialto Bridge, Venice

C. Walter Hodges immortalized this Lifeboat in ‘The Overland Launch’.  It was towed from Lynmouth to Porlock over Countisbury as the sea and wind conditions would not allow a rescue from Lynmouth.

Our first narrowboat at Rickmansworth on the Grand Union Canal.

This was an real Icicle Cruise as the canal was frozen and there was snow on the towpath

The Ffabulous Ffion and the Awesome Angharad in a double scull at Gloucester Regatta


Ffestiniog ‘Push-me Pull-you engine ‘Merlyn’

1930’s Riley in the Cotswoldsbeing admired by  residents of Hawaii

Moscow Metro decoration

The first tractor off the Soviet production line, (incidentally made by a woman).

MS Vasily Surikov at the Moscow River Station


Biggles in his Tiger Moth

One of the Dunkirk ‘Little Ships’ on the Thames at Surbiton

Carousel in Caen, Normandy

The local bus



Tarr Steps, Devon.  Prehistoric Bridge.

Romanesque Abbey of Jumieges, Normandy.

Early Gothic Cathedral, Notre Dame de Laon, Picardy.


Merchant’s house, Ghent, Belgium.

Flooded  Bell Tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral at Kaliazin, making a reservoir and transport artery, Russia.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, at night.


One of the seven ‘Stalin Skyscrapers’, Moscow.

GUM department store, Red Square, Moscow, with a Sale on.

(Now a collection of Western Designer outlets!)


Kizhi Island, Russia

All the buildings are made from Aspen wood

Restoration of Summer Church roof


The Winter Church (smaller, so easier to keep warm, the lake is still iced over in May).


The Summer Church

Smolny Convent, St. Petersburg.

Model of Santana House, Madeira


Houses on Burano in the Venetian Lagoon


Church of St. Martin de Martigny-Courpierre, Picardy.

(c.1930 cf Stalin Skyscraper)


Notebook Drawings

Mark-making using ‘non-traditional’ implements: eg.  Ruler, corrugated cardboard, paper, matches.


Before I started on C&G Creative Embroidery, I studied with the Open University (BA. Hons).  They have a Chapel Choir which I joined, and which is why I have a large number of photos of French and English Cathedrals: we sang in most of them.

One of the tenors was an art teacher, and he used run an ‘ad hoc’ sketching class for absolute beginners.  Some of these exercises are ones John set us, others are from the C&G course.

Drawing lines round items; what to do with lines 1

Illustrate words


‘As a result of adding’.

Machine embroidery on white canvas, the lines produced by sewing machine.  Two examples graduating from White (top left) to Dark Blues/Mauves (bottom right).


What to do with lines 2



What to do with lines 3

(I didn’t draw this, it was one of John’s handouts)



V&A again



Shading – Norwegian Maple leaves


Dismemberment – Prunus Tree


Re-assembled differently.


Things that caught my eye

see also Structures p.22

Opposite the Salon du The, Place Drouet d’Erlon, Rheims


Grand Union Canal, Denham Deep Lock, Upper sluice


Chrysler Building

‘New York, New York’

became a piece of Blackwork in mid-blues.  Reduced scan of tracing of photo.  Area extracted for embroidery and reversed.  (I didn’t mean to work the reversed picture, but accidentally printed the reversed scan twice and didn’t want to waste the paper!)








Photo in newspaper, might become something?

Raising a wreck in South Korea – for scrap, presumably


Winter skies after Rowland Hilder

Seed heads after Angie Lewin


Possible Theme Board

Sutton Hoo Burial project


Bird Head, using distorted grid

Bird foot

Both from the Sutton Hoo Burial project