Chapter 6: Reflections



Reflections: pp 6-8: Sunglasses, bicycle, pink reflection, Kingston Bridge.

Metallic silks

Assorted metallic fabrics


Metallic nets

Snippets of polyester satin trapped in between polyester organza


Wire shadow design

Satin and organza with machine pattern and free machining



Metallic silks stitched

and zapped with a heat tool

Metallic silk and satin snippets

and zapped with a heat tool


Metallic nets stitched

and zapped

Pink reflection

Metallic papers

With stitching


Bottle glass pane

Black felt with cable stitch

Painted with black acrylic

with gold acrylic

Habutea (100% polyester) with free machining using metallic thread and cable stitch

Cable stitch painted with silver acrylic paint

I didn’t find either of these exercises particularly inspiring, I think I’d be more likely to use a thick metallic yarn for the cable stitch.


Acrylic paint on Kraft paper

Some pieces crumpled before painting

Torn and stitched

This is acrylic paint on brown paper which can look like leather, and be very effective.

Metallic Crayons

These were the cheapest I could find as I didn’t have any, and they weren’t particularly cheap.  Most of the exercises didn’t work, either because the quality of the crayons wasn’t very good, or because I couldn’t get the iron hot enough to transfer through the drawing or tracing papers onto the fabric.

Metallic crayon grated onto procion dyed scrim.

This did work, and I might use it, although it has lost its glitter, possibly due to the heat.


Two Indian print blocks

These didn’t work, and I have had good results using acrylic paints on these blocks, so would not bother with the crayon transfer method.


Design using Sunglasses motif (see Chapter 1, p.6)

The background for this is a baby wipe I used as a paint rag backed with white felt.  The silver paper is bondawebbed onto the background, but the iridescent paper won’t stick to bondaweb.  I used super mend and then stitched into it.