Chapter 3: Trapped



The inspiration for this sample was a photo of the Canadian Tundra : Tundra Polygons

 from ‘The Kingdom of the Ice Bear – a book full of inspiration – by Hugh Miles and Mike Salisbury, also a BBC Series in about 1984.


Two pieces of polyester organza, various bits of similar fabric in different colours plus lurex and a plasticcy peacock fabric.  Instead of using 505 (I don’t get on with it very well) I have used Super Mend powder on everything except the Angelina pieces.




This sample is based on the photo of Lindisfarne  on p.6, using random Superior, Natesh ombres, Madeira metallics in machine patterns on polyester organza.


This sample is based on the photo of the Cone Nebula (p.15).  It uses polyester organza, black net with sparkles, a black net ‘ribbon’ with a gold embroidery insert with added pieces of silk carrier rods and peach net on top.  Free machining in Natesh peach ombre and pale copper metallic.  Machine patterns in copper metallic, plus light and dark random metallics.


The net ribbon was not as effective as I hoped, the gold did not show through.



This sample is based on the photo above from the book Windows.


Polyester organza, metallic sheer and silver leaf (all I could get).  Cable stitch using metallic knitting yarn on bobbins.  Black metallic top thread was fine, but green Alcazar kept breaking, so I used a DMC 30 machine thread instead.

For some reason, I expected the metallic fabric to melt at the same temperature as the organza.  It didn’t, so there are holes in the bottom, but not the top, however it is nicely warped!


Two of the inside sheets of a paper napkin with green, blue and silver angelina between them.

Left over bits of Angelina

Although the holes seem to be mostly over the silver bits, the darker colours make shadows showing through the paper.




This not Angelina, we don’t know what it is apart from the fact that it is man-made and does not fuse together when ironed, unless sprinkled with Supermend first.  It is rainbow coloured and resembles wool tops, so is fine for needlefelting.  Someone found it in a box and brought it into the class to be shared.


This is lay-out paper painted with Acrylic Wax and folded round some of the rainbow fibres.  It is stitched with black ombre Natesh, and sections are torn away to reveal the fibres beneath.



Chapter 2: All that glitters


Metallic threads


Contents of my Goldwork box

Metallic knitting yarns

Metallic machine thread

Stitching with metallic threads: Foot on and Free machinery

Slubbed furnishing fabric is not really suitable for covering with stitch unless the width is altered from 1-2 to at least 3.  Wider zig-zag is satisfactory.


A smooth fabric like polycotton works well.

Slubbed fabric turned at 90 degrees will work better.


Rows of machine pattern will cover the fabric: some patterns are better than others.

78          Stars                                                           99        Stars

95           Loops                                                         62        Greek Key

58           Squares                                                     100       Stars

35           Leaf

Stitching on black felt


Colour thread in the bobbin and metallic on top.  Tight top tension – bobbin thread pulls through.

Oblique pattern stitching.

Whip stitch with a silver metallic on the bobbin and black on top.

Multicoloured metallic vermicelli stitching

Plain coloured granite in-filling.


Three different fabrics used: Black felt, White printed polycotton and Green furnishing fabric.


What if?

A Grid

Photo of a broken window

Metallic and invisible thread free machined on Solufleece

(Because of the way the cracks radiate, the grid is incomplete, so invisible thread was used to support the metallic).

After washing away the Solufleece.

Using watersoluble fabric over velvet

Tail of Capricorn from a C17 Zodiac reproduction

Velvet coloured with Transfer Paint

Solufleece used on top of velvet, but the surface was somewhat unsatisfactory after the Solufleece was washed away.

Same design and threads on Light and Dark backgrounds

Black felt

Green furnishing fabric

The design is a sun from an illustration of the Russian fairytale: The Flying Ship ‘morning dawned’

There are three different metallics: Copper, pink and multicoloured.  The pink and multicoloured were very cheap, and needed a tighter top tension than the better threads.


Cable stitch

Photo of condensation on a window

The water channels are Cable stitch in three thicknesses of thread.

The actual formation of the condensation is granite stitch in purple and multi.

Twin needle

Joseph Wright of Derby: Vesuvius erupting c.1776-80

Part of the dust clouds in various metallic threads.


Two threads in one needle

James Whistler: Nocturne in Blue and Silver – Chelsea

Rainbow threads

Peter Layton : Glass vessels – Tempest


Module 5: Starry, starry night


Chapter 1: Gallery

Pages 1 -2 contain the text to the song


Chapter 1 003


Chapter 1 004


Chapter 1 005


Chapter 1 006


Chapter 1 007


Chapter 1 008


Chapter 1 009


Chapter 1 010

This is where the scanner started playing up.


Matisse Nuit de noel


Tempest by Peter Layton, London Glassblowers, Bermondsey Street, 2014

Heaven, Gobelin Tapestry, 1955




The Cone Nebula



Christmas card of Chrysler building in a snowstorm


Selection of my own photos

November 11th 2007?

Chalons in the sunshine

Artisan glass from Guildford House exhibition

Upside down

Shadow on Le Pin-le-Garonne Church

One of a pair of candlesticks: a wedding present to my parents

Church of St. Nicholas in St. Petersburg at approximately 21.45 29th June, 2017




Intermission 4 & 5


Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Two Ruby Wedding Cards for Choir members

For the Church Choir to sign

For Roger and I to sign (their names are John and Rosemary)

The flags with the fabric paint (he had to master using gutta)

The Branch Exhibition is called ‘Bewitched Stitch’ (based loosely on Fairy Tales)

The Pied Piper as a page from a book

Black vinyl silhouette

Polyester satin with Stitch Magic and machine pattern

After steaming

Strictly hits Fairyland

(The dragon is a lady with blue nail varnish, scales as above – Sir Dancelot has a matching tunic – and the wing nearest is attached only at one end)