Chapter 8: Soft edge Applique



Soft Edges

Torn paper

Black sugar & tissue, patterned tissue, newsprint and white tissue papers

Torn fabric

Silk-cotton, acetate satin, muslin, poly-cotton, cotton twill


Torn fabric nest

Silk, scrim, poly-cotton, linen, blanket, calico, twill and knitting ribbon


Torn fabric backgrounds

Torn sheers

Torn sari ribbons, & silk dupion, woven and stitched for a background for ‘Pied Piper’.


Frayed Silk Carrier Rods


Resolved sample

Kittiwakes on a cliff edge

Funny postcard from Waddesdon Manor, a very good bird shape


Paper mock-up



Background: marbled silk noil, sari ribbon with decorative machine pattern


Nest close-up: bundle of  mixed knitting ribbons and ‘fringe’ knitting yarn

Silk cocoons attached using button fixing

Footprints close-up: yellow dishcloth and machine patterns

Bird close-up: assorted knitting yarns, frayed sari ribbons and a chunk of carrier rod


Background:  This worked well, giving the effect I wanted of strata at the top and bottom, with plants on the top.

Nest:  This was all right, giving an untidy effect – possibly too untidy, and the eggs are probably a cheat, but I broke a Titanium needle on the first one!  I used the button attachment stitch and a 100 jeans needle in the end.

Footprints:  These were made up in yellow man-made dishcloth (a bit like felt) and footprint-like machine patterns which seemed to work.

Bird:  This was disappointing.  I think it would have been better to loop the yarn on the breast in single rows, rather than a bundle, and the thick yarn down the back might have been omitted, showing more of the dishcloth fabric.

Conclusion: Could do better.  It might fulfil the brief, but is not pleasant to look at as it is very muddled.