Chapter 10 Manipulated Structures




Chapter 10  094

Turk's Cap Lily  Bracken

Turk’s Cap Lily                                      Bracken

Heated Copper shim

Bracken on fine copper mesh before washing


Bracken: before and after cutting


Acrylic waxed and stitched papers


Three stages of flower, and close-up     

Stitched outside of conker shell




Copper shim and aluminium mesh                                     Finished conkers


Half-open conker


Unopened conker


Conkers on stalk


Lilies on stalks




Finished piece.

The finished piece is 30 cm long, 20 cm wide and 13 cm high.

Chapter 9 Stitch and Manipulate


I’m afraid that I have completed a minimum of samples for this chapter as I would like to complete the module before we go on holiday at the end of the month.

Stitching on Paper


Stitched paper curled


Triangle of stitched, curled and slashed paper



A stitched and curled circle: I think this might have worked better if it had not been so heavily stitched.


Three layers of paper, one painted lining paper, middle layer printed kraft, one marbled photocopy paper,

stitched and then torn.

Stitching thinner paper: Paper Napkin


This was the only patterned napkin I could find in the house, and it wasn’t really suitable as the pattern was so pale.

Because it was so pale, (and the black tissue was a bit elderly and battered) I used some white printed tissue out of a shoe box, whether this was a good idea, I’m not sure.

Using Acrylic Wax.



This is layout paper, printed on one side using a halved cauliflower floret in blue and green, and on the other using the stencil I made earlier of the Snakeshead Fritillary.  It was then painted with acrylic wax, stitched when dry and cut.  It was then rolled and curled.

Wire Mesh.

Copper mesh heated using a heat tool produces coloured spots on the mesh.

Aluminium mesh does not colour even when a gas blow lamp was used (not by me!), it just bent.

Stitched, heated copper mesh.


Stitched, heated aluminium mesh.


Finer copper mesh, (Left, heated side; Right, back)


Stitched fine copper mesh



Cut and manipulated


Fine aluminium mesh, stitched using Cable and Feather stitches


Cut and manipulated.

I have some comments on this sample:

1.  I mostly used the Janome on the wire, and used water soluble fabric on both sides.  Unfortunately, I had been using the Bernina to put some more complicated stitching patterns on the fine copper mesh.  I should have changed back to the Janome for this, as the more robust aluminium scratched the plastic window and the table, even with the water soluble fabric.  I probably wouldn’t use the aluminium for free machine embroidery again.

2.  I was too busy making sure the threads didn’t break, and the stitching was reasonably even to remember that I needed to leave enough space to cut, so the opportunity to manipulate is much reduced.

Copper Shim


Aluminium mesh with sheers


Sheers parcel with water soluble fabric and printed sheer

Reverse with white chiffon.


Cut and manipulated.  The mesh shows at the edges, probably better to trim edges off.

Update, sort-of



These are the photos of Curate Laura wearing her stole the day after her Ordination.

One of the senior clergy looked at all of the new stoles on her students, and whispered to Laura that she liked hers best.  I wondered if that was because of the very personal design.

Things are getting a bit manic here: I am trying to juggle working on the chasuble commission (no, not being paid), mounting the items for the exhibition, so that they are ready to be dropped off on 24th, and hopefully finishing Module 2 before 31st, so I can start on Module 3 when I get back.  We went away for a few days to North Wales, and I was slightly unwell afterwards, so it’s a good thing I didn’t book for the Summer School; I should probably have had to cancel again.  It’s a pity as I should like to go, but it’s too much of a risk.