Chapter 8: Paper Manipulation


Chapter 8  087  Chapter 8  088

Picture Gallery

Variegated Holly  Turk's Cap Lily

Variegated Holly                                 Turk’s Cap Lily

Seed packets  Scabious

Postcards of Seed Packets                                            Scabious

Rosa Hemispherica  Iris

Rosa Hemisperica                                      Bearded Iris

Frosted leaves  

Newspaper photo of frosted leaves                                  Chard at Clisson

Butterfly flowers Arum Lily

CRM – Butterfly Flowers (?)                                  Arum Lily

Yellow 'ginger'  

Yellow ginger                                    Unidentified Pink Daisy


Ghost Forest (NBG)                                    Bougainvillea in Madeira

Chapter 8  089   Chapter 8  090

I made a Bushkiri bag at a workshop with Surjeet Hosein, but I’ve put it somewhere safe and I can’t find it.

As you see above, I have a made a Flap Bag, which I do use.

I’m not very good at origami, but I make a mean paper aeroplane.

Chapter 8  091  Chapter 8  092

We used to make these ‘Fortune Tellers’ at  primary school, but I can’t remember exactly how they work.

The bottom piece on the right hand sheet is folded in half and pleated.

Chapter 8  093

I might try making one of these when I have a bit of spare time (!).  Apparently, Constance Howard showed a couple of C&G tutors how to fold a bag out of a square, and one of them showed me.


How to make Concorde

More Adventurous Paper Folding





Mobeus Strip











 (Below) Using Marbled Paper






Using printed Kraft paper