Presents for Baptisms and Christmas


These are some of the things I have been doing in between times: the youngest children of two lots of friends were recently baptised, and so that the older siblings, in particular a handicapped child, should not feel left out, I made a label for each child.  I also made one each for the two little girls next door as Christmas presents.  I think John’s is my favourite, the cockerel came out beautifully, and apparently he loves his grandmother’s chickens.

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2 Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Tessa, Joseph & Zachary

  Annie & Florence

I also made three Christmas Tree decorations for the ward where I have chemo treatment; they have been moved about the hospital several times this year, during these moves their Christmas Tree disappeared.  A new one appeared whilst I was there at the beginning of the month, so I thought I would like to give them a very small thank you.  I used Lynda Monk’s foil/bondaweb technique, but I didn’t paint the vilene sandwich middle first; this was a mistake, as some of the edges/corners show white, but Mary thought they were lovely, she is so kind.

Mary & Lesley's Decorations 001