And yet another exhibition,




this time it was the Matisse cut-outs at Tate Modern as a reward for having missed the Distant Stitch Summer School due to illness – two trips to A & E and three ultrasound scans to discover a severe attack of cellulitis which required IV antibiotics and a week in bed. Roger and I went with a school friend, now a Holy Cross Sister, as we thought it likely there would be some of the cut-outs for the Dominican Chapel in Vence. Another friend had brought me a book about them as a present from a trip to Nice, (in French of course). I managed to translate it so that Sister Angela and I could properly understand what had led to the wonderful vestments and decorations for the chapel. We were delighted to find some film of Matisse working on the red chasuble design, and then in the next room, the actual cut-out featured in the film.  The whole exhibition was amazing, but very tiring – I had to spend the next day in bed, so if that was what an afternoon did, what would a whole weekend have meant in terms of recovery, I wonder?

Red chasuble006     The sheaf

The cut-out was for the top left hand picture.                                                   The sheaf.

         These are pictures from the book on the Chasubles, and a copy of a postcard which I bought at the exhibition.  The leaf shapes appear on a number of the finished cut-outs, and also in the designs for the chasubles.