A Happy New Year


I was glad to have completed the first module, and am now waiting for the arrival of Module Two and the feedback on Chapter 10.
I had some attachments as Christmas presents, including a free-motion cording foot. We went to Wales on Boxing Day, taking people’s Christmas presents which included a great deal of merino wool tops from Adelaide Walker as our elder daughter is into Nuno felting in a big way. I spent this afternoon transferring the contents of some of my bobbins (not-genuine Bernina) onto some genuine ones, (given to Sarah by Ffion for Christmas – I ordered them) so that Sarah (who has a Brother) will be able to use them more easily. The Bernina bobbins fit the Brother, but are tight on the bobbin winder, the others have marginally larger spindle holes which suit the Brother better. The trouble is, I have had them so long, I can’t remember where I bought them! I have also palmed off some non-titanium plated needles on them as well. Ffion declined to have a go with some metallic thread, and I was disappointed to find that the Brother has only one thread guide and no hole in the bobbin case ‘finger’. We concocted an extra guide by taping a large-eyed needle to the top of the Brother between the spool and the thread guide and the Natesh thread behaved pretty well – previously Sarah had eyed up the bin as she was so frustrated with it. I made a list of useful hints for a friend who has a new B380, so I e-mailed it to Sarah to see if it was any use. If I can, I will include it here. (I can’t, it will only copy the title, so I shall have to try another method – later).