Chapter 9


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Chapter 9 069Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Monet La Manneporte, Etretat 001Chapter 9 071

Chapter 9 070Chapter 9 071

Chapter 9 072Grand Canal 002

The Grand Canal is a trial piece which I did earlier in the year, using several threads through the needle for the canal.



In answer to your questions,


Page 47: Free stitching doodles in a frame – the fabric is calico, the stabiliser is muslin. The bobbin thread is pulling through, although it is the same as the top.
P.49: The ‘blips’ on the curves may have been caused when the hoop hit a ‘step’ we have discovered where the feed dog cover is not flush to the machine. I am trying to get used to it, so that I know when to compensate for it.
Chapter 8. Thank you for the suggestion of using a pen – once I had the shape of the cross right, I went over it with a pen, so I will use one in future. I see what you mean about the early drawings in ‘Flowers and Plants…’
P.54. You speak about the extrapolated section of the roof and cross. I have re-drawn the triangle as you suggest, and it does look better.
P.57: I have used a ruler-end instead of a piece of card previously, and it does not really work as well as the card. I will try stitching some of the blobs etc, and add them to the blog.
P.62: You ask if I drew lines before stitching ‘Walking’ and ‘Dancing’? Yes, I did, as I wanted to make sure I got them on the fabric. I’ve tried ‘free writing’ with the machine, and I lose the dimensional control, which is what happened with the zig-zagged ‘Razzle Dazzle’ stitching.