I am getting more and more fed up: I can’t even post a comment on my own blog properly, let alone add and use links or get this attached to Distant Stitch or wherever it’s meant to be.

I have now managed to put a proper front page on, and somehow, to centre the photo of Autumn in the Park on it.  Also, to make the title say what I want, and not have extraneous bits on.  Next, how to make it possible for Janet to see the blog.

Things are gradually improving, which I find surprising.  I have found quite a big roll of cartridge paper, which I think my mother must have given me years ago, so I shall use this to make my notebook or whatever it turns out to be.  Spent a few minutes colouring some pages with water-soluble crayons.  Provided I have time, this may look quite nice, and I will turn it into a book like those in Page after Page.

I hope this blog is now accessible, things keep going wrong, and I’ve forgotten how I centred the cover picture, so the first several pages are vertically displayed, whereas I would have liked them across the page.  I don’t put many photos on the other blog, so haven’t quite mastered the techniques.  I’ll have another go tomorrow.